Defense Medical Research Technologies (DMRDP) Traumatic Brain Injury Research Award (TBIRA)

The TBIRA funds research that promotes new ideas or paradigms, advances knowledge regarding the theoretical construct of traumatic brain injury or addresses the technical feasibility of promising new devices, behavioral and rehabilitation interventions, therapeutic techniques, clinical guidance and/or emerging approaches or techniques. Applications should be designed to:

  • Provide objective evidence of induction of structural and functional changes in the brain following TBI that correlate with improved functional outcomes
  • Maximize functional outcomes, as well as define the mechanisms involved in the structural and functional improvements; and
  • Validate methods to objectively assess structural and functional recovery.

The maximum award period is 3 years with maximum total funding of $3 million (including indirect costs for clinical studies) or $1 million (including indirect costs for applied and mechanistic studies). Pre-application materials are due February 27, 2013. Award seekers must complete the pre-application if they want to receive full consideration. For more information, see the link below:

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