The FINRA Investor Education Foundation seeks to promote financial education among underserved Americans. Grants fund either research or educational programs (or a combination of the two) that:

  • Expand the body of knowledge and/or provide practical materials that will have a positive impact on investor education or protection
  • Research methods to improve disclosure to investors about investments and financial services
  • Encourage investors to check the background of financial professionals prior to doing business with them
  • Empower the nation’s young people that are about to enter the workforce to better prepare for retirement and to meet other financial goals
  • Better prepare older Americans for handling their finances during retirement
  • Encourage women and minority populations to take control of their financial future through investor education
  • Advance practice, policy, and thought in the fields of investor education and protection

There is no minimum or maximum grant amount, as the award level will be determined by the merits of the proposal. For more information, see the link below: