The EHA supports research in economic history through three grant programs:

  • Arthur H. Cole Grants in Aid – These grants typically do not exceed $5,000 and fund research in economic history, irrespective of time period or geographic area.
  • Graduate Dissertation Fellowship – EHA Graduate Fellowships provide $10,000 and Sokoloff Fellowships provide $15,000 to assist students whose thesis topic has been approved and have made progress towards their dissertation.
  • Exploratory Travel and Data Grants – These are early stage grants for doctoral students writing a dissertation in economic history. They provide funding for specific research purposes (for example, visiting archives or purchase of microfilm or CD-ROMs) and in most instances will not exceed $2,500

Applications for Graduate Dissertation Fellowships and Exploratory Travel and Data Grants are due January 15, 2013, while Arthur Cole Grant applications are due March 1, 2013. For more information, see the link below: