Meeting Recap: February 26, 2015

The Ethics and Economics Forum, where Seton Hall faculty from across the university come together to discuss economic justice met on Thursday, February 26, 2014 from 12:30 to 2 p.m. in the Student Affairs Conference Room, Room 214 in University Center.

During this meeting, Associate Professor Kurt Rotthoff of the Stillman School of Business explored significant approaches to the economic cycle and economic theory.  A great resource to use surrounding this topic is the podcast of EconTalk’s Russ Roberts discussion with Steve Fazzari on the 2009 stimulus package results and Keynes’ theories,

The Forum’s conversations on economic justice aim to take an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together faculty from various schools and departments across the university. The Forum is open to faculty presentation ideas and suggestions.

The Ethics and Economics Forum website, works to provide resources for interdisciplinary study of economic justice as well as an online forum to promote discussion beyond the Forum’s regular meetings.

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