Try using altmetrics to track your readership statistics

Doing a citation analysis of your works through Google Scholar or searches in MLA unfortunately won’t tell you much about how your publications are actually being used by readers.

Try this service available through the Library. Go to the Library Homepage and do a search for your name—your publications and the book reviews of your work should come up. In the bottom right hand corner of the citation you may see an icon that looks like this.

Click on it and you should get more information through a methodology known as altmetrics.

For example, doing a search for Martha Carpentier, brings up, among  a listing of her other publications:




Click on the Plum X Metrics icon and you will see that 2,822 libraries own this book; 2,544 individuals have read the abstract of this book and so forth. Please contact Marta [] or Gerry []¬† if you’d like a demonstration.

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