Seton Hall University has received a Bringing Theory to Practice Grant in partnership with Ramapo College.

The $7000 grant will support a joint project in which 5 faculty members from each institution will integrate a digital humanities tool or skill set into a course they teach. The project, which will run during the 2019-20 academic year, will have the faculty visiting each campus on alternate months for workshops about DH tools and to see examples of the tools at work.

From the BTtoP website:

BTroP Grants may be used to support a range of activities including:

  • campus-to-campus consulting visits
  • multi-campus convenings
  • presentations, reports, and publications that extend the reach of BTtoP-supported work beyond traditional academic conferences and journals
  • public writing, digital and media products, and other work that bring BTtoP-supported work to broader publics.

BTtoP’s mission is grounded in three commitments. We believe that undergraduate education should be holistic and transformative, nurturing active and integrative learning, personal well-being, preparation for meaningful work, and democratic citizenship. We believe that “educating the whole student” must include students of all backgrounds, interests, and educational settings. And we believe that the first two commitments require significant change in higher education. BTtoP works to advance this mission through innovative practice, research, advocacy, and institutional change.

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