Friday, April 12 from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. in Bethany Hall.

Guest speaker Rebecca Frost Davis will lead activities with faculty to develop ideas on how the topic relates to their teaching.

Presentation Description:

What skills, abilities, and habits of mind do today’s graduates need to navigate and solve complex problems in a constantly changing, globally-connected world? How can we integrate digital skills in support of critical thinking and inquiry across the curriculum? The future of higher education depends upon a model of digitally-informed learning that is not merely content delivery online but rather is education reshaped in the same ways that digital technologies have already fundamentally changed our culture. This talk will present a vision for building an integrated curriculum that fosters self-directed, digitally-augmented problem-solving from introductory to capstone level courses and prepares graduates to partner with technology to solve problems.

This event is sponsored by the Teaching, Learning & Technology Roundtable (TLTR). The TLTR is a consortium of faculty, administrators and students that meets in action teams to discuss institutional issues related to teaching, learning, and technology.