Oftentimes when I tell people that I am interested in the Digital Humanities they will nod their head, give me a quizzical smile, and ask, “What is a digital humanities project?”  For all of you that have been asked this, here are 5 succinct responses in 140 characters or less – courtesy of Brian Croxwell’s recent talk at VT’s Center for Applied Technologies:

5 tweets from @VTCATH on what we mean when we say DH: 1. The humanistic examination of digital objects—humanities scholars are uniquely suited to find meaning2. Digital scholarly communication—humanities scholars still like texts on dead trees, but are slowly adopting new technology (like Twitter)3. Digital pedagogy—New research, composition, communication technologies can help students discover new connections 4. Creation of digital primary source materials—not just a groundwork for scholarship, but is scholarship 5. Digital examination of humanistic objects—"what does it mean to take a computer and use it to read a poem?"