Data Science at Seton Hall University

What is Data Science?

Data Science occupations, blending mathematics, statistics, computer and information technology, are among the occupations with greatest projected growth in employment over the coming decade. Data scientists solve problems with data, arising in industry, government and education. Data scientists manage, analyze, and visualize data to communicate actionable findings from the data.

Data Science comprises the concepts, techniques, tools and body of knowledge supporting Big Data, the acquisition, management, analysis and display of large, rapidly changing, and varied sets of information. It supports the extraction of actionable knowledge directly from data through a process of discovery, or hypothesis formulation and hypothesis testing. Data Science encompasses the activities to extract knowledge from the raw data, from data collection, over data processing, to decision making. Data science offers opportunities for employment as a practitioner, researcher or academic. It can also significantly enhance expertise and career prospects for individuals in other careers.

New Jersey Big Data Alliance

Seton Hall University is a member of the New Jersey Big Data Alliance (NJBDA).

The NJBDA fosters partnerships among industry, academia and government to advance computing innovation and education. The NJBDA will serve as the State’s research, education and outreach consortium in advanced computation and big data.

Opportunities for Students

As a student at Seton Hall University, you have a variety of options to pursue data science and its applications, by


Employers are welcome to post internships through the Career Center. Our students pursue internships in many different industries, depending on background, including advertisement, entertainment, human resources, Web, education and non-profits.

Questions? Contact Us:

Dr. Manfred Minimair, Associate Professor & Program Director, Seton Hall University, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Science Center, 122. Email:, Tel: (973) 761-9466, Fax: (973) 761-9772

Melissa Kohlman, Secretary, Seton Hall University, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Science Center, 116.  Email:, Tel: (973) 761-9466, Fax: (973) 761-9772


Our courses use a variety of software, such as

  • Tableau’s data visualization software provided through the Tableau for Teaching program
  • MS Excel for working with data and creating tables and charts
  • MS Access for organizing data
  • Weka, Python and R for data mining