Data Analytics Introduction

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Government, industry and many other institutions use data analytics to further their goals. The need for data analysis and visualization is growing rapidly as more and more institutions collect and analyze ever-increasing amounts of data, such as:

  • Governments want to preserve homeland security and, therefore, gather and study data on the activities of terrorist groups.
  • Health and public administrators want to deliver health care efficiently to patients. They analyze data to understand and satisfy patients’ needs and to control the cost of health care.
  • Marketing analysts study online social networks to influence the direction of new marketing campaigns.
  • Financial analysts want to understand the relationships among different stock prices and economic indicators.

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Department of Psychology offer graduate and undergraduate certificate programs in data analytics. Students are trained to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphic depictions that stimulate and encourage viewer engagement. Students learn how to use statistics and machine learning to analyze complex data and to communicate insights in an attractive and vivid design format.


Dr. Manfred Minimair, Associate Professor & Program Director, Seton Hall University, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Science Center, 122. Email:, Tel: (973) 761-9466, Fax: (973) 761-9772

Melissa Kohlman, Secretary, Seton Hall University, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Science Center, 116.  Email:, Tel: (973) 761-9466, Fax: (973) 761-9772


Our courses use a variate of software, such as

  • Tableau’s data visualization software provided through the Tableau for Teaching program
  • MS Excel for working with data and creating tables and charts
  • MS Access for organizing data
  • Weka and SAS for data mining