Academy of the Sacred Heart

sacred heart academy 03A061

Academy of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco, California: This postcard depicts the exterior of the Sacred Heart Academy building on Jackson Street in San Francisco. The markings on the postcard indicate rooms that are described in the handwritten message to May (and probably Mrs. Martha Clarke) from Agnes, a member of the convent. As a result of the 1906 earthquake’s destruction of their original building on Franklin Street, the academy had been renting 2020 Washington Street with its “glorious views.” The building at 2700 Jackson Street at the time this postcard was written had recently been purchased. Excerpt from the message: My Dears. This is to show you our new convent and to wish you a good Lent. [I.] Is the first of three beautiful parlors. One large one is the ladies’ sewing room—it is a beauty, with a great pillowed fire place, wood ceiling hardwood floor…. All the second floor and two rooms on third floor are classrooms. [III.] Is the community room where I am writing now, and where we have a pretty good view of the Bay but not the glorious one of 2020 Washington.[IV.] Are our only community cells – three – the rest of us stow away in class rooms at night or in the attic of the chapel.