Meet the Team

Principal Investigator

Amy Joh, Ph.D., Lab Director

IMG_2994Dr. Joh received a Ph.D. in Cognition and Perception from New York University in 2006. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and the University of Virginia, she joined the faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University in 2008. She then became a professor in the Department of Psychology at Seton Hall University in 2012. Dr. Joh was interested in developmental psychology since working with 3-month-old infants in an infant memory lab as an undergraduate. Her research explores how children learn as they learn to move and think.

Graduate Students

Sarah Light, Graduate Assistant

Sarah is from Cornwall, Pennsylvania and graduated from Lebanon Valley College in 2016 with a B.S. in Psychology. There, she conducted research on gender differences in video game performance. Sarah is enrolled in the Seton Hall University Experimental Psychology Master’s program with a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience. She is currently working on research looking at touch screen usage in children and how gender may be mediating this use. Her other interests include spatial ability, video games’ influence on cognitive processes, and how haptics can impact the virtual reality experience.

Samantha Farrell, Research Assistant

DSC03540Samantha is currently enrolled in the 3+2 Experimental Psychology BS/MS at Seton Hall University. She is originally from Staten Island, New York. She began working in the Child Learning Lab in September 2013.  Her interests include neuropsychology, cognition, and learning. She is currently researching the relationship between age and cognitive skills, as well as how different practice techniques help improve problem solving.

Undergraduate Students

Anglin Thevarajah, Research Assistant

Anglin is from Irvington, New Jersey and is currently a junior at Seton Hall University, pursuing a B.S. in Psychology. She aspires to enroll in a graduate program for developmental or clinical psychology when she graduates from Seton Hall in 2017. Anglin’s goal for working in the Child Learning Lab is to be able to strengthen the passion she has for developmental psychology as well as to become more familiarized with experimental psychology and research. She hopes that being a part of this lab will continue to strengthen the curiosity she has acquired for the field of psychology in addition to assisting her to develop new problem-solving strategies.

Stephanie Koeller, Research Assistant

Stephanie is from Bound Brook, New Jersey and is currently a junior at Seton Hall University, pursing a B.A. in Psychology. Stephanie aspires to attend graduate school at Seton Hall in the Marriage and Family Therapy program. Her goal is to work with couples and children dealing with an array of problems, such as coping with divorce/marital issues and working with families on a plan for success for children with disabilities. Stephanie hopes that working in the Child Learning Lab will help her better understand how children perceive the world around them as well as how they learn in different environments.

Brittany Badal, Research Assistant

Brittany is from Mendham, New Jersey and is currently a senior at Seton Hall University, pursing a B.A. in Psychology. She plans to attend the graduate program for speech language pathology here at Seton Hall and aspires to work with children in the school environment. Brittany’s goal while working in the Child Learning Lab is to expose herself to the world of research with children and the various ways in which they learn. She is looking forward to gaining more experience hands-on while being mentored by fellow students working in this field, as well as Dr. Amy Joh.