Women’s Leadership Hosts Kick-Off Dinner

By Amy Chin

On Wednesday October 24th, the women of the Gerald P. Buccino Center came together with their executive women mentors for a night of learning, food, and friendship. Guest speaker Maura Kolkmeyer shared her wisdom that some may call beyond her years, in a vulnerable discussion of her leadership journey that is by no means finished. With lessons of mindfulness and empathy, Ms. Kolkmeyer shed light on the less pleasant sides of being a woman in the business world as a helpful dose of reality to prepare the young group of leaders in the room. Beyond the words of Ms. Kolkmeyer, mentors and students were given the chance to connect and discuss topics from work-life balance, to how the school year is going. From the words of Ms. Kolkmeyer and conversations with mentors, the young women from all four leadership classes left with messages of encouragement and valuable insights to better prepare them as they enter the business world.

Thanks to the efforts of Women’s Leadership Initiative President, Kelly Dunn, and the other executive board members, the program functions to connect students with an experienced mentor to utilize as a resource in all areas of life. The success and value of Wednesday’s event forecasts great potential for these relationships in the rest of the academic year.

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