The Family Initiative Basketball Game!

Sunday February 18, the Family Initiative hosted a reception at the Prudential Center’s Gold Bar before the men’s basketball game. Over sixty family members of students in the Leadership Development Honors Program gathered from all around the area to attend. The reception served not only as a chance for families to be reunited with their Seton Hall students, but as a networking event too. It gave students the opportunity to mingle with their classmate’s parents, learning more about what they do for a living and gaining knowledge on possible career choices.

During the reception, Sandro Tejada, Director of Major Gifts at Seton Hall, brought attention to the Parent’s Program. This program was created to help enhance student experience at Seton Hall while optimizing scholastic and professional opportunities. A duty of the Parent’s Program is to provide for families facing unexpected financial emergencies. Throughout the night, families donated money to this worthy cause, working to help the SHU community in times of need. Each time someone made a donation, they received a raffle ticket that was put into a drawing at the end. The winners received a prize!

After the reception, the family members sat down to watch the lights dim as the countdown to the big game began. Seton Hall was playing DePaul, and through a long and close game, the Pirates pulled through with the win! Overall, the day was filled with professional interactions, giving back to the community, and coming together as the family that the Leadership Development Honors Program so proudly is today.


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