Women’s Leadership Panel

Congratulations on an inspiring, learning-filled and absolutely joyous evening for our students and guests last night. Your passion and caring had wings and it touched everyone there. This was an exceptional time together. The students absolutely loved it. You raised the bar high for them and the Program. For this and so much more, thank you, my very dear friends. It is events like these that truly differentiate the Leadership Program, the Stillman School and Seton Hall. We are deeply honored and humbled that you are part of our Leadership family. You are the best!


Kira – Thank you and your magnificent team for organizing this event and partnering with our incredible Women’s Leadership Team in the School of Diplomacy and International Relations.

Kira Williams proudly says, “The program brought together a great group of panelists who bounced off each other’s ideas and energy. We left the panel with lessons to be humble go-getters.”


Have a beautiful day and a magnificent weekend!!!




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