Beginning the “Journey of Self-Discovery”

Last night, the Leadership Class of 2021 experienced their first session with Scott Chesney. The room was filled with excitement and curiosity as Scott entered. He began the session by briefly explaining his background to help the students understand where he gets his motivation from. Scott proceeded to take everyone through a few moments of meditation, in an effort to calm their minds. Upon opening their eyes, the expressions had changed. It seemed as though the room was less tense, and the daily stresses were somehow gone. Scott then asked the students three central questions, “What must I do MORE of, What must I do LESS of, and What must I do NEW?” A few students eagerly rose their hands, ready to offer up their own thoughts. Scott gave his full attention to each answer, making sure he understood it fully before offering up his own questions and advice. The session ended with heightened expectations as to how each individual would grow throughout the class. The Leadership Class of 2021 left, hoping to soon turn these expectations into reality.



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