The Second Annual Women’s Leadership Program Spring Banquet


(Top) The Women’s Leadership Board with Director Michael Reuter and keynote speaker Evelyn Cucchiara. From L to R: Sumera Munhaf, Prachi Makkar, Melissa Vega, Carla Santos, Michael Reuter, Evelyn Cucchiara, Noel Girgenti, Megan Sundberg, Amanda Solkosky, Angeli Fernandes, Laura Colantonio (Bottom) Director Michael Reuter and Dean Joyce Strawser with Evelyn Cucchiara


Written by: Melissa Vega

The Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) hosted their annual Spring Banquet on Wednesday, April 15th. The WLP Spring Banquet is a celebratory event reflecting on the extraordinary year of success between mentors and mentees. This event marks the new and higher levels of growth and learning achieved for our Leadership women students in their preparation for highly successful careers. Among these are the continued deepening and strengthening of relationships, bonds and friendships among mentors and students that will further sustain and enrich our mutual growth, and the new learnings from this year’s experiences that will contribute to the WLP’s continued development and incredible richness.

The Banquet commenced with a pre-reception allowing mentors and mentees to network. Members also had the opportunity to network with women in the newly started Diplomacy Women’s Leadership Program at Seton Hall University. The WLP Co-Presidents Sumera Munhaf and Noel Girgenti provided a welcome and introductory marks to conclude the cocktail hour and commence the learning segment of the event.

During the learning segment Sumera and Noel reflected on the achievement of mentors and mentees. The Co-Presidents revealed testimonials provided by WLP mentees describing their learning and experience. Mentees reported that they have gained knowledge in: work life balance, career development, personal advancement, and women in the work place issues. Director Michael Reuter also revealed exciting news: the WLP is the only leadership program geared towards women at the university level in the state of New Jersey! The news was applauded by all attendees, including Dean Strawser and keynote speaker Evelyn Cucchiara.

WLP was honored to have Ms. Cucchiara, founder of Art Adventures and The Toy Trammer, as a keynote speaker. With over 20 years of experience as entrepreneur, Ms. Cucchiara delivered an insightful presentation highlighting her: journey, work experience, and life lessons. Ms. Cucchiara shared that entrepreneurship is a fulfilling career option that involves constant growth and satisfaction. She encouraged the audience to surround themselves around entrepreneurs and consider adapting an entrepreneurial spirit.

The WLP Spring Banquet concluded over dinner and dessert. This was a final opportunity for mentors, mentees, and honorable guests to network before concluding another wonderful year of development and enhancement.


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