Group Mentoring Leaders Carla Santos and Cora Meehan Host Shark Tank Session!

Written by: Carla Santos

On March 26, 2015 two Group Mentoring teams came together and participated in a Shark Tank scenario. The “Sharks” were Kimberly Mills, Patricia Haverland, Dave Duggan and Scott Gemma. Two student groups presented products and tried to make a deal with the sharks. The first group presented Drop Stop, a gap filler, which prevents fallen things from getting stuck in the cracks of cars. The second group presented Lawn Guzzlers, robotic lawn movers that can be controlled from a cell phone app. The first group made a deal with Dave Duggan, who loved the fact that the Drop Stops could be customized with car emblems and sport team logos. Unfortunately, the Lawn Guzzler group cracked under pressure and was unable to make a deal with the Sharks.

Overall, the session was a success! Both students and executives had a great time and learned from each other. This activity promoted quick thinking and negotiation skills. We look forward to holding other sessions like this in the future.

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