NY Times Article on Women’s Leadership

In lieu of the inaugural year of the Women’s Leadership Program: Women Mentoring Women, this New York Times article encases four complementary anecdotes emphasizing why the mission of the initiative is so important in today’s business world. Each woman’s viewpoint is unique as her experiences molded her into the type of leader she has become through the challenges she faced.

As women begin to speak out more about their treatment in the workplace and talk about how much perseverance it takes to emerge successfully through the difficulties and extra barrier that hinders them, each story culminates to a common goal: have equal treatment and opportunities. They want to avoid a power struggle. It’s not about which gender is more superior, but rather what kind of behavior can be improved on by both parties to reach this equilibrium.



These four executives share what helped make their journey different from the rest. It’s a must-read for all those attempting to fully grasp the reality of this gender-fission in the workplace. The more knowledge we acquire on the topic, the more successful everyone will be to tackle the issue and eventually find a solution suitable for all.

We thank Stephanie Hauge on the Women’s Leadership Executive Committee for sharing this with the team!

Below is the New York Times article:


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