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A Call for Blogposts: “2015: What to Watch For”

The coming year is going to be a crucial one in global governance:

  • The UN is facing the challenges of its 70th anniversary and the upcoming Secretary General election.
  • Countries are negotiating the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The IMF faces the continual challenge of quota and governance reform.
  • The WTO faces the ongoing challenge of building consensus among a divided membership.
  • While we question the relevance of the G20, China and the BRICS countries are building IOs to challenge the existing economic order.
  • Many treaties remain unratified by the US Senate, which will not change this year.
  • The ICC may well get involved in North Korea while it faces challenges from African states.
  • The world struggles to negotiate a successor agreement to the Kyoto Protocol.

The above themes are only a partial list. With so much at play right now, it’s time to crowdsource our talents!

Both undergrad and grad students are invited to submit proposals for potential columns of between 600-800 words to Professor Edwards ( around the theme of what to watch for in global governance in 2015.  The deadline for submissions is December 30.

For more advice on how to write op-eds, please see columns HERE and HERE. Good luck!


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