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Diplomacy Alums Blog the Social Good Summit

The Social Good Summit was held in New York on September 21 and 22. This is an annual two day conference linking global leaders and activists aimed at making a better world. The School of Diplomacy had the event ably covered by two Social Good Summit Bloggers selected by UNA-USA: Dana Terry and Yesenia Lugo. Both are 2014 graduates of the School of Diplomacy.

You can learn more about the Summit on the website and on twitter using the hashtag #2030NOW.

Some of Dana and Yesenia’s tweets from the summit appear below:

When asked to sum up the Summit, Yesenia noted:

“For me, it was the first time that I attended a Social Good Summit and it proved life-changing, inspiring and overwhelming. I was unexpectedly moved to learn from first time panelists, such as Mike Soskil, the fruits that passion and positive results stem from simple global collaboration. I left feeling hopeful that someday the world will be a better and more equitable place for all.”

Dana added:

“The Social Good Summit brings together some of the world’s top thought-leaders, activists, and social entrepreneurs to discuss multifaceted solutions that harness the power of human capital and innovation for a better world. The Summit urges us to ask ourselves what kind of a world we want to live in by 2030 and then take ownership of that vision to make it a reality. We are all part of the connective tissue of society; together, we may each have a role in its healing.”



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