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Campus SpotlightSeptember 2021School of Diplomacy News

Dean’s Welcome Celebrates a New Year for the School of Diplomacy

On September 10, the School of Diplomacy hosted its annual Dean’s Welcome event in celebration of the new school year. Held on campus, the lunch event was a great opportunity for faculty members and students to socialize. The excitement was palpable during one of the first in-person events hosted by the Diplomacy School since the COVID-19 pandemic caused the University’s in-person closure in March 2020.

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September 2019School of Diplomacy News

School of Diplomacy Hosts its Annual Dean’s Welcome BBQ Event

The social gathering took place on campus where students and faculty alike came together to share in the spirit of the Diplomacy community. It was a warm and welcoming atmosphere on the green where the event kicked off with games and light-hearted conversations among students and faculty members.

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September 2017FeaturedSchool of Diplomacy News

Annual Welcome Barbecue Commemorates the School of Diplomacy’s 20 Years and Celebrates More to Come

Seton Hall’s School of Diplomacy and International Relations held its Dean’s Welcome event to greet students old and new and to honor the beginning of a new academic year. The school’s celebration of 20 years is not a reflection of the past, but a celebration of the future.

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