Author: Kiersten Meyers

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Greece Reelects Tsipras Despite Bailout

Even through this period of unrest and turmoil, the people of Greece continue to support Tsipras, Time Magazine reports. Many say that his reelection shows the people’s support of the bailout and indeed they do. Many citizens were pleased with the outcomes of the elections. One voter said, “He’s one of the best politicians to renegotiate the memorandum,” with another saying, “Tsipras is strong in his game.” Many voters believe that Tsipras is saving Greece and that he will bring back stability to the country.

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Pope Francis: Mediator of the Americas

As the United States prepares for the six-day Papal visit to New York, Washington, and Philadelphia, security for the Pope has become a rising priority. Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), told the Washington Post, “The Pope is a very passionate man,” adding that some of the Pope’s methods make him difficult to protect.

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