Setting Your Goals and Objectives

Typically, you will have met with your supervisor prior to beginning your internship to get a sense of the work you will be performing, the tools you will be using, the people you will be working with, and the goals he/she may have set for you. If this has not been done, you should schedule time with your manager to get an understanding of the work you’ll be expected to do. The job description you applied to often provides an overview of the work to be done.

To be successful it is critical to set specific goals with your supervisor. Prepare a brief set of goals and objectives for the work you perform and review it with your supervisor so you can be clear about expectations.  This document will also provide content for the evaluation sent to supervisors at the end of the internship.  Start with the job description and add some detail outlining specific projects and tasks. Think about what you would like to accomplish in this internship, skills you’d like to expand and things you’d like to learn.  Your objectives should be specific, measurable and limited to a specific timeframe. Schedule time with your supervisor to go over your list and incorporate other assignments he/she may want you to focus on.