With Your Supervisor and the Team:

From time to time, you will meet with your supervisor to talk about a variety of work-related topics. Meetings might be one-on-one or as part of a team. Be aware that all meetings in the work environment are serious business activities. You should be on time, prepared to take notes, contribute to the team discussion, report on the work you are doing, and take on responsibilities pertinent to your job.  Always be professional and attentive during meetings.
You will likely have questions about policies, procedures or work issues and should feel free to consult with your supervisor so that you can be effective on your job. Keep an ongoing list of questions that you can discuss when you meet with your supervisor or others on the team.  The most common area for improvement noted by internship supervisors is communication.  Supervisors report that interns often don’t ask questions or share ideas.  If you are not comfortable speaking up in a group meeting, be sure to schedule one-on-one time with your supervisor to share your ideas and suggestions.

Company and Organization Meetings and Conferences:

Some organizations conduct periodic meetings or conferences to communicate company business, direction or results. Meetings such as these are a good opportunity to learn about the company, the industry and network with colleagues.  You should attend all company meetings if your supervisor permits.