Maintaining a good attitude at work is important. Be proactive and seek out work when you are not busy. Do not waste time getting a task done, rather work efficiently to complete all assignments. Don’t feel that tasks are “beneath you.” All work has a number of mundane tasks that must be performed. Ask for new tasks throughout the internship. Get to know who performs which functions in the organization and learn from them as well; they may be helpful to you as you perform your function. Know to whom you can go to ask questions or get clarification.

Learn to accomplish what’s asked of you. You may work alone or with others but must be accountable for the work for which you are responsible. Generally no one will “remind” you about due dates and a missed deadline is considered a serious lapse. If you are unsure of any part of your assignment, ask your supervisor for clarification. When you are done with an assignment and have extra time, always ask your supervisor for more work. Be the ‘go to’ person in the office by delivering work on time and well done.

Accepting Feedback:

From time to time, you will be given feedback from your supervisor as well as others you work with such as peers, teammates, and customers. It is important to listen to feedback with an open mind and accept it as an opportunity to learn and improve. Often feedback is provided to help you develop your skills and expand your knowledge base. Do not try to explain away feedback or debate what is being said. Listen and schedule a follow up appointment if you feel you need to explain your actions or have additional questions.