Working with Your Supervisor and Team

On the first day, or within the first few days, you will be introduced to the work team. Most of the time you will work directly with your supervisor, but other times you may work with other team members.

  • Try to get to know the other members of the work group and learn about their job functions, since it may be important for you to work with others on the team to do your job effectively. Don’t be afraid to take notes so that you can review them later or ask questions that may not occur to you at first.
  • Look for someone who might be a role model and see if there are any Seton Hall alumni working at the company. If there are, try to connect with them to introduce yourself. Begin to build a group of professional colleagues since they will be vital to your learning and helpful later as you begin to explore your career options.
  • An experienced professional employee is a good resource to have. Also, do not underestimate the importance of the support staff (secretaries and clerical staff); they, too, can be a source of information on general office practices.
  • If there are other interns in the organization, do not spend all your time gravitating towards them; get to know the regular staff. Remember, you are learning a job as well as learning about a company and its culture, which includes meeting others across the business.
  • At the end of your first day, touch base with your supervisor in person, if possible, or via email to learn whether there is anything that you might prepare to do tomorrow. It’s also good to let your supervisor know how the day went and what you were able to accomplish and learn.