Internship/ Part-Time Job Form

This form provides The Career Center with important information for both credit and non-credit interns, and part-time jobs.

Student Information



I agree to carry out the responsibilities of the employer organization and adhere to my obligations to Seton Hall University, as established by the University Code of Conduct, The Career Center (and my Intern Faculty Advisor).

As part of the University expectations for internships, all students need to review and submit the Intern Agreement.

Employer Information


Position Information





If you are planning on pursuing academic credit for this internship, please complete the following, prior to meeting with your department’s intern advisor to discuss course requirements. (The Career Center will provide additional information for you.)

It’s never a good idea to sign employer agreements until they have been reviewed by your career advisor.

There may be organizations that engage in practices that do not adhere with the mission of our department. If you learn of suspicious policies or requirements, contact the Career Center at 973-761-9355. If an employer requires a fee contact The Career Center for advice.