Internship and Part-Time Job Form

This form provides The Career Center with important information for both credit and non-credit interns, and part-time jobs.

    Student Information



    As part of the University expectations for internships, all students need to review and submit the Intern Agreement.

    Employer Information


    Important COVID Information

    If you have agreed to participate in an on-site (or hybrid) internship, you need to read carefully and follow the guidelines below:

    • Review all CDC, federal, and state guidelines.

    • Ask your supervisor to provide you with the organization’s plan for maintaining safe work conditions for interns and employees. Be sure that you understand and ask for clarification of anything that is unclear. Forward the employer’s document to The Career Center (

    • Be aware of your environment. On your first day, be sure that you are in a safe space, at least 6 feet from the nearest colleague, and that you and everyone around you are wearing face coverings.

    • If you are using public transportation, do NOT enter an overcrowded car. Instead, wait for the next train or bus and call your supervisor to explain that you may be late. Remain 6 feet away from anyone else and make sure that you are wearing a face covering. Sanitize as soon as you leave the train/bus and after you make contact with anything other than your personal belongings.

    • You should not engage in any activities, at work or otherwise, that can put you or others in danger. If asked to attend a meeting where others are not maintaining a safe distance and/or wearing face coverings, you are not obligated to attend. Locate your supervisor to explain the situation. If that’s not possible, email The Career Center and/or your faculty intern advisor to discuss your next steps. (Supervisors will be informed of our policies and advice.)

    • Maintain a safe distance of 6 feet from everyone; wear a face covering, and wash and/or sanitize your hands regularly during the day.

    • If you don’t feel well STAY HOME! Call your supervisor, email The Career Center and, if you’re in an intern course, contact your intern faculty.

    • If you have any concerns, reach out to us immediately at

    Position Information





    It’s never a good idea to sign employer agreements until they have been reviewed by your career advisor.

    There may be organizations that engage in practices that do not adhere with the mission of our department. If you learn of suspicious policies or requirements, contact the Career Center at If an employer requires a fee, contact The Career Center for advice.