Managing Potential Workplace Risks

Sometimes, situations will arise that fall into the category of workplace risks; these include environmental, travel and interpersonal hazards. To decrease vulnerability and reduce the possibility of an incident, interns need to take responsibility for learning about the work environment and becoming aware of potential risks. The five steps below are important to review and follow to be aware of risks and manage any that may arise during the Internship.

Five important steps to be aware of to manage potential risk:

  1. Be alert to your surroundings
  2. Identify potential risks
  3. Understand guidelines and expectations from the University and the employer
  4. Consider solutions to potential problems
  5. Inform your site supervisor, Intern Faculty Adviser and Career Center Professional (CCP) immediately of any concern

The section on environmental, travel and interpersonal hazards offers some basic guidelines appropriate for most situations involving those hazards, but these are not intended to be all-inclusive. It is important that students not ignore their instincts. If you suspect that something is unsafe or a potential problem, you should notify your on-site supervisor and your career advisor at The Career Center immediately!

Interns should comply with all safety policies within the organization.