Handling Problems

Generally, when a problem comes up in your Internship assignment, your first recourse is to meet privately with your Supervisor to discuss the matter. This is a good “rule of thumb,” but remember that common sense and professionalism should prevail since problems can run the gamut from missed deadlines and work errors to harassment, sexual assault, illegal activities and environmental, health and personal hazards, and accidents. Additional comments on these types of hazards are provided below. How each is handled depends on the specific problem, but the following steps are important to use as a guide:

Steps to Follow to Handle Problems:

  1. Review company policies;
  2. Document all facts, including date, time, and persons involved (within reason, do not minimize your feelings);
  3. Report all concerns, including safety and personnel problems, to your supervisor, career advisor and Internship faculty adviser within 24 hours; and
  4. If necessary, seek medical attention.

If the problem is one that the intern feels cannot be discussed with the supervisor, or directly involves the supervisor, students are encouraged to contact their career advisor immediately.