Thank Your Supervisor

After the Internship assignment, it is a good idea to write a brief note to your supervisor and thank him/her for the opportunity to work for the company and to learn about the work in your field of interest. Writing such a letter is considered to be an important part of your professional development and reflects your conscientiousness, professionalism, and understanding of the value of the Internship opportunity. This letter is required of students in the Stillman School and is strongly recommended for all other students.

While you want to keep the note brief, three paragraphs is a good length. Write about what you learned and what skills you have developed. If you worked closely with an individual or group, you may also want to send him/her a similar note. Everyone likes to be appreciated and it’s always good manners to acknowledge someone’s support and guidance in your learning. Here is a brief sample letter that you can use as a guide. Please be sure to tailor it to your particular experiences and do not simply copy the sample provided.