Tips to avoid activating the fire suppression systems

You may have noticed that the fire suppression systems in our halls are quite sensitive. They are the best in the business of keeping students safe!

HRL wants to offer some tips for avoiding triggering the alarms in a non fire situation.

We have both heat and smoke detectors. Heat detectors are set off by a swift rise in the room temperature, so items like hair curling or flat irons or blow dryers when used too close to the detector can trigger the system. So can steam from lengthy hot showers! Smoke detectors are set off by an increase in airborne particles, so aerosol sprays like air fresheners, hair spray or deodorants when used in excess can trigger the system.

So the best advice is to examine your room or suite for the location of your smoke head. Both the smoke and heat sensors are located in that unit. Avoid the actions above when under or near the device.

Read more about the system in your Fire Safety Booklet which your Residence Hall staff gave you at move in.

If you didn’t receive one for some reason, stop by the front desk of your residence hall or contact your RA to get you one ASAP.