Lamps, extension cords and multi-plug adaptors, Oh my!

Starting the week of the 23rd, in hall staff will be starting curtsey checks! An RA and a professional staff member will be going into each rooms to look for any items or actions that are prohibited as per our fires safety manual. If an item (lamp with a plastic shade, multi-plug adaptors, etc.) is found during this time, the resident will be asked to take the item home with them the next time they go home. If a prohibited action is found (posters taking up more than 25% of a wall, belongings on top of a wardrobe, etc.) residents will have 24 hours to rectify the issue.

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of prohibited items or actions. All residents received a copy of this booklet at check-in and should read and become familiar with the policies outlined in it.

If a resident has any questions, they can reach out to their hall staff or their resident assistant.