So everyone has received their room assignments and is so excited about who their roommate is. Well everyone except you, or so it seems. But have no fear, you aren’t the only one without an assignment right now. You are the biggest class we have has since 2010 and when we say big we mean BIG! We have had more than 1200 incoming freshman apply for housing, which is more than we have ever had.  We know that you are probably upset, anxious, nervous, and worried about what will happen between now and the beginning of the semester.  As of right now, anyone who has not yet been assigned a room is on a pending wait list but this does not mean that you will not get housing. The wait list is done by distance from home to campus which means that someone coming from California will get assigned a room before someone who is from New Jersey. Every time a student cancels his or her room we immediately fill that bed with the next person on the wait list. We get cancellations every day so the wait list is getting smaller and smaller every day. We want to make sure that you know that in the past five years we have always been able to clear our wait lists before the first day of classes and some of those wait lists had up to 500 names on them. We are pros at what we do but please, be patient with us. We are working diligently to get everyone into a bed because we want to make everyone happy and we don’t want you to miss out on the opportunities that come with living on campus. You will be getting an email in the next fews days regarding the wait list and all of the information that you need. Stick with us, everything will work out.

Don’t forget…Keep Calm and Pirate On!

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  1. HI–I have a 2-Bedroom apt with an office or study room off the kitchen area–approx 1000 sq ft. It’s located @ 111 Mulberry st –the Renaissance Towers across the Gateway Bldg and next to the Prudential Arena. The apt will be available Sept 1. It’s $1600.00/Month plus Utilities w/1 Month Security Deposit W/D, A/C and wood flooring. Please contact Maggie Villarreal @ 832-687-5084 I really don’t know where to post this information…maybe someone can direct me to the right site…thankyou, Maggie Villlarreal

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