Pack Attack

We hope everyone is as excited as we are for Pirate Adventure! This may be your first time ever sleeping in a college dorm or you may be an old pro from summer sports camps! Either way we wanted to give you some suggestions of what to pack and the necessities you might forget because we know how stressful packing can be!

-Comfortable clothes-We know you want to impress your fellow peers but make sure you are comfortable…you will be spending a lot of time outside and you don’t want to be uncomfortable

-Sweatshirt-the res halls are all air conditioned so make sure you have one because it will be chilly (or “forget” to pack one so you have to buy a brand new SHU sweatshirt at the bookstore!)

-Sheets-Twin XL are your best bet-if you don’t have any yet Target is a great place to buy a set!

-Blanket and pillow-this is a dorm room not a hotel, we don’t have any extras so don’t forget these important things! (we won’t judge you if you bring your favorite stuffed animal along too-it’s okay you aren’t the only Freshman in college with a favorite teddy bear)

-Alarm clock-okay most of you have phones with alarms on them but either way make sure it’s set so you don’t miss out on any of the activities

-Chargers-no one can live without their phone and who wants to be the one with the dead phone who can’t tweet @SetonHallHRL every second of Pirate Adventure? Don’t forget these!

-Towels-don’t be “that person” who forgot to bring a towel and now smells because they couldn’t take a shower

-Toiletries-EVERYTHING-hair brush, shampoo, toothpaste, makeup, face wash, soap, toothbrush (you won’t have a concierge to run to if you forget your shaving cream so make sure you have everything before you leave)

-Money-the bookstore will be open longer than usual just to accommodate you, so make sure you have some spending money to buy everything SHU you could possibly imagine!

Don’t forget though, you are only going to be here for one night so save the heavy packing for the end of the summer when you will move in for the Fall semester. Have fun packing and we can’t wait to see you bright and early for check-in!

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