Digital Nuts & Bolts

This series is an introduction to the digital “nuts and bolts” that will help you build your Digital Humanities project. Being an expert with technology is not required.  Familiarity with the tools and terminology associated with technology will help you to choose the best tool for the job and better interpret the results/data.

Each post provides an overview of what it is, how it is used in the digital humanities, and where to go for further learning.  If you already have a project in mind, great! That will help focus your exploration and give you something to test out the different options. If you do not already have a project in mind, that is ok, you can still familiarize yourself with what is out there so that when you do have a project you have an idea of where to get started.

Programming Languages

To see examples of these tools in action, check out the blog post “How did they make that?”  The author provides sample DH projects and the digital tools that power them.

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