CFD Events Supplemental Material

Help Students Retain, Organize and Integrate Knowledge


Podcasting Resources from Mark Maben, General Manager, WSOU-FM:

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“Teaching Beyond”



“Zotero Workshop”

2019 01 – Zotero


“Alternative Student Assessment Strategies”

CFD – Oral Exams

Conferencing as Commenting


“Students on the Autism Spectrum”

ASD Faculty Presentation 1.22.19


“Project Syllabus”

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“Advisor in All of Us”

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“Strategies for Preventing Student Plagiarism”

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“Helping International Students Succeed” Materials

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“Mind Mapping Workshop Materials”

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“Teaching Citizenship Workshop Materials”

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“Working with Students with Disabilities” PowerPoint and Information

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Below are resources discussed during the Stress Management Workshop on November 13, 2017

Diaphragmatic breathing: Breath2Relax

Square breathing

Guided meditations:  Insight Timer

Progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery: Virtual Hope Box

“One Small Change: Beginning and Ending the Semester” PowerPoint

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“The Flipped Classroom” PowerPoint

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“Improving Classroom Discussion” PowerPoint

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“The Power of Empathy in the Classroom” PowerPoint

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“LinkedIn for Academics” PowerPoint

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