There are a couple of great new features in store. My favorite is the new shortcuts for creating lists, headers and blockquotes.

Just start a line with a “*” character, and you’ll get a bullet list until you hit a double-return. Likewise, start a line with “1.” and you’ll get a numbered list. Just like Microsoft Word.

Begin lines with a series of hash marks, “##” to get any of the six header levels:

#Header One
##Header Two
###Header Three


Will be automatically converted into the HTML code as
<h1>Header One<</h1>
<h2>Header Two</h2>
<h3>Header Three<</h3>

And rendered:

Header One

Header Two

Header Three

And a starting a line with “>” makes a blockquote:

>This is a blockquote

Will render as

This is a blockquote

I like just about anything that saves me keystrokes or mouse clicks.

More details are available on the WPMU blog or on