Here’s few new items to make your site management time a little easier.

The Custom Login Screen lets you work with the images, background colors, borders, shadows and gradients of your log-in screen. Here’s an example, which we’ve applied already to the busiest sites:

If you want to customize yours further, you’ll find it under the Plugins menu as “A5 Custom Login Page.”

We field a lot of requests to add users to a blog. It’s a little easier now. But a little background: It’s important to add someone who is a SHU community member as a “Dir Auth User.” That way, they can always log in with their PirateNet password and never have to worry about forgetting it. But if you try to add someone that’s in the system already, it pops up an error that the user is already in the system. Then you have to go in and add them using the regular add user screen.

Cumbersome? Confusing? No wonder we’re always fielding the requests! Here’s an easier way to do it.

Since we already have 745 users in the system it’s very possible the person you want to add is already there. A new plugin adds the auto-complete feature you’ve seen in lots of other places on the web. Just go to the standard Users::Add New screen and start typing a name:

If you’re user doesn’t show up, and you know they’re a Seton Hall Community Member, go to the Users::Add Dir Auth screen to add them. Be sure to pick the right role, and don’t bother sending them an e-mail. Just let them know they can log on with their PirateNet password.

Lastly, there’s a new item along the top of your screen called the “Multisite Switcher.” Mouse-over it, and you get short cuts to all the main screens that you use on the blogs you work on.

One click takes you there, instead of three or four.