Repairing Broken Category links on the WordPress ePortfolio Blogs

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On the ePortfolio WordPresss blogs you may experience a problem with the Category links. When you go to your ePortfolio page and click on any of the links under Categories you may get a “Not Found” error or just a list of irrelevant information. If clicking on the link brings you to the appropriate Category page, then you do not have this problem.






If you are experiencing this problem there is a very easy fix.

  1. Sign in to your account as usual to enter the Dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings in the list on the left side and select Permalinks.







3. The Permalink Settings page will appear as shown below. Just look at, there is no need to do anything.










4. Now go to your ePortfolio home page. You can click on your ePortfolio Site name on the top of the screen and select Visit Site from the drop-down menu. The previously broken links in the Category section should now work.






  1. Simply add “wp-admin” after the URL of your home page. For example,

  2. I am having trouble logging in. I do not see an area to simply click “log in”

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