I like to read about the history of places that are important to me

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Communication skills are important.  Communication is not typically taught explicitly in the psychology major but there are many opportunities during psychology courses to develop and practice these skills.  Writing papers and giving PowerPoint presentations are good examples, but there are other varieties of communication and different kinds of “papers”.  Blog posts for example (hint… hint).  Your “communication skills” writing samples can even come from a non-psychology course if you included psychology-related content.

I write mostly academic papers in psychology so I don’t have many examples of “other varieties” of  my own writing – it has been quite some time since I have been in a classroom as a student.  But I do consider myself a life-long learner with many interests.  A few years ago I wrote an article for fun during a Christmas break when I had some time to write about other things. I wrote about my interest in local history (I am a Staten Islander) and threw in some psychological content too. The Gotham Center for NYC History  was nice enough to post it on their web site.  You  can find it here







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