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Dr. Bartłomiej Sipiński Discusses Ethical Communication with Seton Hall Students

On Monday, October 3, Dr. Bartłomiej Sipiński visited Seton Hall to lecture on “Dialogue Personalism: The Way to Ethical Communication.” Dr. Sipiński is a distinguished philosopher and essayist, with experience lecturing at Lateran University in the Vatican, the University of Zhaoquing in China, the Catholic University of Paris, the University of Helsinki, and the Institute of Human Sciences in Vienna.

Pictured- Dr. Bartłomiej Sipiński

In the University Library Beck Rooms, Dr. Sipiński discussed traditional Polish philosophy and the application of dialogue in our lives. He focused on the four categories of phenomenality: icon, idol, corporality, and event.

Rev. Brian Muzás, Ph.D., Director of the Center for UN and Global Governance Studies, noted that dialogue is often the first step to international relations. Communication humanizes interactions and expands not only to states but to cultures, civilizations, and religions.

Dean Courtney Smith, Ph.D., associated the lecture with constructivist thought. Constructivism assumes the international system is anarchic and that anarchy is a shared concept, based on shared understandings.

Pictured- Vice-Consul Mateusz Gmura, Dr. Bartłomiej Sipiński, Dr. Brian Muzás, and Dean Courtney Smith, Ph.D. (from left to right)

Dr. Sipiński’s publications, Dialogue (2017) and Existential Emotionalism (2022) will be available in the library of the student lounge in McQuaid Hall.

Thanks to the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York and Mateusz Z. Gmura, Vice Consul, for making this event possible.

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