In case you missed it, there are a number of great end-of-year links worth reading. I’ve gathered these below.

* Via LinkedIn: The Secretary-General on how 2015 will be all about sustainability.

* From the UN: The year in review in peacekeeping.

* From the UN: 2014 in pictures.

* From UN Women: Gender equality in 2014: A year in review.

* From UNDP: A look back at 2014.

* From OCHA: The 2014 year in review.

* From OCHA: The 2015 outlook for humanitarian operations.

* From ODI: 5 things to know about the UN’s 2015 humanitarian appeal.

* From the World Food Programme: A reminder about the five high-level hunger emergencies it is currently facing.

* From the ONE Campaign: 14 of the most important global development moments of 2014 – as told in charts.

* From the 1 for 7 billion Campaign: Ten urgently needed reforms to the Secretary-General selection process.

* From the State Department: Secretary Kerry’s top tweets.


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