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UN Intensive Summer Study Program – A view from the inside

This guest post was written by W.E. Da’Cruz. Da’Cruz is a dual master’s degree candidate in the Public Administration, Diplomacy and International Relations program at Seton Hall University scheduled to graduate December 2014. Da’Cruz has more than six years of experience in the communications industry writing, interviewing, hosting, and developing content for media outlets including WABC-TV Channel 7, WBGO Jazz 88.3FM, New Jersey Newsroom, and Newark Television. Her recent op-ed addressed chemical weapons in Syria.

Professionals, graduate and undergraduate students representing 17 different countries, including Morocco, Ghana, United Kingdom, and Turkey, joined together to participate in a weeklong discussion with United Nations (UN) officials.

The Seton Hall University United Nations Intensive Summer Study Program, held from Monday, July 7, 2014 thru Friday, July 11, 2014 in New York City, provided participants the opportunity to engage with UN officials offline and ask probing questions on topics such as: political dynamics at the UN, peacekeeping, responsibility to protect (R2P), Security Council affairs, and public perception of the UN. Participants also attended an official UN Security Council meeting.

By the end, participants were able to compare and contrast the arguments offered by the speakers and readings, as well as determine their point of view about the UN. Some were left feeling optimistic about the capability of the UN to promote global governance, while others were left pessimistic about UN reform, in particular the Security Council and the veto power maintained by the Permanent 5 (United States, China, France, Russia, and United Kingdom).

Nevertheless, a large majority of participants left encouraged and excited about the various opportunities made available by the UN and its constituents to grow and build participants as global citizens. The following Twitter posts highlight various sessions throughout the program.





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  1. vincent vincent

    this is impressive . i must commend the guest speakers and the students for their zeal towards tackling using the instruments of multilateral diplomacy. How i wish i am financially capable to register for this. would have been a life-changing episode .

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