The Diplomatic Envoy

Author: Abby Shamray

November 2015School of Diplomacy News

UN Foundation’s GirlUP Hosts Gender Rights Event on Campus

The tabling event included the SHU organizations SAVE, Seton Hall’s United Nations Association, the Black Student Union, Amnesty International, One Campaign, Gender Equality Now, UNA-USA, SHUNA, and MSU. Each table featured a different perspective in order to show how their club’s particular focus also overlaps with girl’s rights issues.

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International News

Upcoming Paris Climate Summit Promises Change

The main goal of the conference to is to establish how states will do their part to make sure that the global temperature does not rise over 2⁰C (3.6⁰F) above pre-Industrial Revolution levels. The United States has sworn to cut emissions by at least 26 percent. China does not have a specific target but has said that its emission will peak no later than 2030.

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