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Author: Abby Shamray

November 2016Opinion2016

Women’s Voices Need to Be Heard in Climate Action

In India, women were in charge of agrarian tasks, so they most immediately felt the negative effects of the forest destruction on the land and soil. This remains true today. In the developing world, women account for 45 to 80 percent of food production, according to the UN. In African countries, more than 90 percent of the female labor force works in the agriculture sector.

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October 2016School of Diplomacy News

USA Debate Highlights New Generation of Civic-Minded Students

Tensions were high in the University Center as the College Democrats and College Republicans debated on policy differences, but underlying the event was a sense of mutual respect and a common goal for a better future for America.
The debate, hosted by the Unified Students’ Assembly and co-sponsored by the Student Government Association, is the first of its kind on the Seton Hall campus.

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October 2016International News

South Korea Promises Open Road to Northern Defectors

For the first half of 2016, the number of detections totaled 814, an annual increase of 15 percent. The plethora of defections has followed an increase in tension between North and South Korea following the North’s nuclear testing. The number of defectors used to reach over 2,000 a year, but after Kim Jong-un reached power, the number of defectors was cut in half. It appears to have been due to more difficulty in escaping and increased punishment, rather than better conditions. Park said in her speech that the increase in 2016 has been due to an increase in oppression and widespread hunger.

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October 2016Opinion2016

Yet Another Truth For Russia to Deny

Both Russia’s Foreign and Defense Departments have stated that evidence was sourced from the Internet and Ukrainian security services, according to the Washington Post. “Thus the objectivity of the information, and the subsequent conclusions made on it, must summon doubt,” said Russian military spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov.
So, is bias against Russia the main motivator in the outcome of the investigation? Is there a worldwide conspiracy to paint Russia as the bad guy, the ultimate villain?

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