Author: Nicholas Elden

International NewsMiddle East

Obama’s Last-Minute Push to Save the Iran Nuclear Deal

The Iran nuclear deal could be under threat by President-elect Donald Trump. As stated by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the July 2015 deal boils down to a nine-page document delegating Iran’s ability to enrich uranium and places nuclear-related economic sanctions along with an arms embargo with the UN for five years upon the country.

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October 2016Focus2016

Focus on Art and Global Issues: Refugees

As more outlets open to express the growing international struggle of refugees, the world will gain a larger platform to talk about the issue and strategize how to return these individuals to their homes. Art has given a voice to these individuals and shown the world that while circumstances are bad, hope is not lost.

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November 2015U.S.

Despite “Routine” School Shootings, US Still Outranked On Firearm Murder Rate

The line between freedom and safety is always blurred when it comes to international peacekeeping. Conflict is bound to happen among individuals and states, but the statistics and ease of purchasing firearms in the United States is clearly flawed. A 2007 report by the Switzerland-based Small Arms Survey indicates that about 35 to 50 percent of the world’s civilian-owned guns belongs to the United States.

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