Have You Backed Up Your Files Lately?

Here’s the scenario, you come into work one morning, start your computer up and nothing happens. A technician checks it out and lets you know that your hard drive is fried. He’ll replace the hard drive and use your backup file to reload all of your Word files, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, your pictures, your music, etc.

Oops, you say, there’s a problem. You’ve never backed up your documents, what happens now? What happens is you’ve probably lost all your work forever! Scary thought, isn’t it.

All that work that you often refer back to is now gone. Please don’t let it happen to you. As I’ve gone around campus recently, I’ve run into more and more people who do not back their files up. You are running a terrible risk. I’ve had experience with a faculty member losing a 300 page document, a student losing an entire semesters work, papers, presentations, everything. It’s heartbreaking.

Don’t let it happen to you!

What to back up

The general rule is; back up any files you cannot afford to lose. Some suggestions:

  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint files you have created
  • Bank records and other financial information
  • Digital photographs
  • Software you purchased and downloaded from the internet
  • Music you purchased and downloaded from the internet
  • Personal projects
  • Your Internet Explorer bookmarks/favorites

 Where to back up your files

The following are some storage devices and locations to consider.

  • External hard drive
  • CD
  • DVD
  • USB flash drive
  • Online backup and storage service (carbonite.com, box.com)

Make sure that no matter which device you use, it is protected from fire, water damage, misplacement, etc.

It is vitally important that you protect what you have created, do it today!

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  1. Backup your file is very important. You can backup your file using software or you can manually copy it. Make sure when you backup the file you did not import any virus or malware. Some time this can destroy your entire backup files. Before backup the files, scan it with antivirus software. This is important to ensure your backup device did not infected with the virus in your laptop or pc.

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