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Summer Series 2013 – Hybrid Course Fundamentals and Design

This workshop was held on June 5th 2013, as part of the TLT Center Summer Series 2013. Hybrid Course Elements and Design Presentation (pdf) [iframe http://blogs.shu.edu/technology/files/2013/06/2013-06-05-Hybrid-Course-Elements-and-Design.pdf#toolbar=1 650 400] Open Educational Resources Presentation (pdf) [iframe http://blogs.shu.edu/technology/files/2013/06/2013-06-05-OER.pdf#toolbar=1 650 400] Hybrid Course Activities Presentation (pdf) [iframe http://blogs.shu.edu/technology/files/2013/06/2013-06-05-Hybrid-Course-Activities.pdf#toolbar=1 650 400] Open Educational Resources (OER) reside in the public domain… Continue Reading »