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Windows Desktop SkyDrive App (students)

SkyDrive is an online file storage system that is a part of Microsoft’s Live@EDU service. The Microsoft SkyDrive App provides instant access to all files stored in your SkyDrive account. The following directions are specific to the SkyDrive app for Windows Desktop, but the steps are general and can be followed for other platforms as well.

  1. Select the Get the app button the SkyDrive for Windows section of the http://apps.live.com website
    Apps are also available for Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, and Mac platforms
  2. Select the Download button
  3. At the bottom of the screen, select Save to download the installation file
  4. After the file has been saved to your local computer, select Run
  5. A User Account Control pop-up may appear. Select yes to continue
  6. The Microsoft SkyDrive app installation will start
  7. Select Get Started
  8. Enter your Microsoft ID (first.last@student.shu.edu) in the Windows Live ID: field
    Enter your PirateNet Password in the Password field.
  9. Tap Next to continue
  10. Tap Done to finish the installation
  11. Once the setup process has completed, a SkyDrive folder will be added to your Favorites folder.

SkyDrive Students – Windows Desktop (pdf)