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Dipole antenna connectors

For four years in the mid-1990’s, I worked for a county-wide ambulance company in rural western Pennsylvania.  For radio communication, we used the Motorola HT-600 portable radio’s – affectionately referred to as ‘bricks’; they were roughly the same size, weight, and durability as a construction brick. During my time in graduate school, I started to feel […]

The ePirate Blog Project

The ePirate Blog Project

The ePirate Blog Project is a continued exploration of how the Lenovo Android Tablet can be integrated into the teaching and learning environment at Seton Hall University.

Over the next twelve weeks, students will be contributing their impressions on utilizing the Lenovo Android Tablet, related to the following six topics:

  1. General Productivity
  2. News Readers
  3. eBooks
  4. Science Applications
  5. Production
  6. Application of Interest